The New Jersey Arya Samaj Present - “Arya Swaranjali an Evening of Hope 2009” - Thursday, April 30, 2009

THE New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir, Inc. Humanitarian Mission (NJASMHM) of Jersey City, New Jersey, commemorates Mother’s Day, with a grand family entertainment fund-raising concert, called “Arya Swaranjali,” otherwise known as an “Evening of Hope 2009.” Net proceeds will be donated to various humanitarian projects throughout Guyana. This variety concert takes place on Sunday, May 3, 2009 1:00 pm at the Sacred Heart Recreation Centre, 169 Bayview Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Performing live on stage will be well known singing artistes, Rikki Jai, Calypso Rose, Geeta Bisram, Devendra Pooran, Cliff Joseph, Dexter, Tricia, Ranjeev, Damian Sookram, Terence Sookbir and Danny Balgobin. There will be guest appearances by Soca Raja and King Raj. Dances will be performed by Dheeraj Gayaram & the “Ghungoorus,” and Brianna Harrideo. All back by the number one Angels Entertainment Group of Companies.

The Natraj Centre for the Performing Arts will be represented by Nanda Ashley Rai, and Katherine Ann Ramsingh, who plans to mesmerize the audience with their sizzling dance performances.

The concert, fondly called, “An Evening of Hope” in honor of the less fortunate children and seniors of Guyana who have left out and left behind due to the cruel hands of poverty, will also be attended by Mayor of Jersey City and Representatives of the US Congress, including Guyana’s Ambassador and other dignitaries. They will join the audience in showing their solidarity and strong support for the NJASMHM’s magnificent efforts at promoting culture, dharma and hope to serve the less fortunate.
Funds raised in this and past projects have gone towards the conduct of important projects, like the Mahaicony Mini Hospital, the construction of a firehouse at Rose Hall Town, open heart surgery cases for children to travel to India, families in distress who have lost their homes due to fire etc,   seniors with disabilities, the payment of school tuition for needy children, and food vouchers for seniors in poor communities. The stories of beneficiaries are often heartbreaking.
This is the fifth consecutive year that the NJASMHM has been organizing a fund-raising concert of this type. According to Project Director, Pt Suresh Sugrim, President of the organization, over 500 children are likely to benefit from this year’s fund-raising drive. So far they have already assisted over 4,000 children.  (NJASMH release)

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